Ceiba History

The Ceiba tree is one of the most majestic symbols in Saigon’s history. Present from the foundation of the city, it inspired and protected its inhabitants for centuries.

Founded in 2005, the Ceiba brand conveys to the world the vietnamese spirit and savoir-faire, embodied by its two local factories. At Binh Duong, Ceiba manufactures wood and metal works, while Dong Nai specializes in garments, bags and leathercraft.

We offer our customer Luxury Gifts, Premium Accessories, and Point of Sale Marketing (POSM) goods suited to marketing campaigns.

We firmly believe in two things:

  • Success comes with hard work
  • Success is made to be shared

Our products are both here to help you achieve objectives of grandeur and to reward you and the people around you.

Ceiba History

Our Products


The Ceiba sustainability


Ceiba’s catalogue is full of great items for all your needs. Consult us and we will provide you with creative ideas for your marketing campaigns.


Ceiba is always on the lookout for new and creative solutions for its clients. Our collections are renewed to adapt to changes in the market and integrate the latest production innovations.


Ceiba makes it a point of honor to create a lasting and trusting relationship with all our customers. We remain faithful to your brand image and your expectations.


Ceiba products today are your gifts tomorrow. For that reason, we only provide premium quality goods to ensure the entire satisfaction of the end-consumer.


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139 Hong Ha street, Phu Nhuan District
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam